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Tech Staffing Expected to Grow in 2018

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More than 60% of large companies (500+ employees) and 70% of enterprise companies (5,000+ employees) expect to see significant tech staffing increases in 2018, according to a new global survey by Spiceworks, the robust network of millions of IT pros. These tech experts forecast the following for the upcoming year: Increase in staffing: 45% No change in staffing: 48% Decrease in …

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Why Your Recruiters Suck at Getting Ahold of Tech Talent — and What to Do About It

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Think about the tech talent you want. They’re the social media denizens, the majordomos of technical web forums, the smartphone addicts. They are fully immersed in different digital worlds — creating them, leading evolutions in the thinking around them, and honing their skills within them. So, why are your recruiters still calling them? You and your recruiters already know they …